Gulden Euro Trio

…invites you on a musical trip through the continent of Europe from Portugal to Estonia and from Greece to Ireland played by Pip van Steen (flute, alto flute and piccolo), Andrea Pieper (violin and double bass) and Marcel Siebers (piano).

You’ll be surprised of how transparent the music sounds and how much difference there is in rhythm and melody in the folk music of the countries whereupon the music is based. The core of the music is composed but this will be relieved by improvisations. The music is for everybody and suited for all ages.

We named this 32-part piece: “Euro Suite & Other Change”.

A major part can be heard on the CD: ‘Selections of Euro Suite & Other Change’.
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Please have a look and listen to some examples at our playlist.

New in our program is a ‘DIME’-tribute, a former rock band in which Marcel has played the keyboards in the early seventies. He has arranged 6 former rock songs into chamber music and it sounds wonderful well! This selection is also available on our 2nd CD: “Paying with Dimes”. We recently added 7 arrangements of the Dutch rock band Focus, 5 compositions of its leader: Thijs van Leer and 2 of the famous guitarist Jan Akkerman.

We named this 70ties program: “Focus on Dime”

The original combination of the Gulden Euro Trio was flute, mandolin and piano.
When Will Derks on mandolin (and co-composer) decided to step back, Pip and Marcel took the challenge to find a good and steady alternative and found it in violist Andrea Pieper (and…. she also plays the double bass).

This gives the Gulden Euro Trio a New Sound and a New Look with the same ‘feel good music’!

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